Private vs. Public vs. Crowdfunding

So, you have a new or existing business and it’s time to pursue growth capital to execute or expand your business plan. The right answers to the many questions that arise are not only significant, but could determine whether your company survives and becomes sustainable, or becomes entwined in a legal, financial and regulatory quagmire.

Funding cycle

Are you ready to go public? If so, what is the most suitable path?

Public transaction via formal filing, reverse merger, stock acquisition?

Should you go the private route?

Are you positioned to take advantage of the new Crowdfunding rules?

What kind of business plan do you need?

Do you want to give up equity (stock) in your firm? How much?

Selling common, preferred, convertible stock?

Where do you find investors?

Can you advertise, generally solicit? If so, where, if not, why?

If you are selling equity, what are your valuation metrics?

Are you valuing the business too high or too low?

What does your pre- and post-capitalization table look like?

Have you just lost control of your company?

If you are looking at private capital raises, how is that structured?

Many private offering types, e.g. Reg A, Reg A+, Rule 147, Regulation 504, 505, 506(b), 506(c), what fits?

What do you have to file with the SEC?

What type of financial statements do you need? Do you need audited financials?

Where do you find the right attorney?

How do you announce news? Where can you get press coverage?

Our experience with public and private companies, as well as the established relationships we have with investment bankers, corporate attorneys, accounting firms and state and federal regulatory bodies can provide you with the guidance to assist you in making the appropriate decisions that are critical for the future of your business.

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