We own over 30 years of financial, marketing and consulting experience, and for the past 15 years have provided superior Investor Communications and Public Relations services to both public and private early-stage companies.

There is a passionate commitment to provide our clients with the utmost guidance and tools necessary to support them in their mission to build a growing, profitable business focused on increasing shareholder value, creating a respected brand, and accumulation of market share.

Obtaining growth capital, increasing visibility, building and managing a company's shareholder base, as well as creating valuable relationships in today's demanding environment requires the ability to recognize authenticity, suitability and value.

With our experience, we can guide you through all the clamor, allowing you to establish traction and credibility with the markets and provide tangible assistance with the execution of your business plan.

To discuss your corporate needs and how we may help, call us at (585) 232-5440.

Jody Janson